Bill Johnson


Bill Johnson has over 20 years experience managing and providing technology solutions to a variety of industries. Bill began his career in selling systems for Inventory Management, and later moved into selling solutions for the engineering discipline.

An early employee of Parametric Technology Corporation (PTC), Bill rose through the ranks to become Vice President of Central Operations. Bill next joined Aprimo, the market leading provider of Enterprise Marketing Management and Marketing Resource Management software applications.

As an early investor and the Senior Vice President of Sales, Bill launched the company’s product into the marketplace. Bill has a B.S. in Marketing from Ball State University.

Mary Ann Eibel

Manager, Client Accounts

Mary Ann has 8 years experience in Outside Sales in the Healthcare Industry, where she was the first and only sales rep for a hospital-based Occupational Health Program.  She grew the program up from the ground to 300 corporate clients in 5 years time.  Mary Ann has a strong background in sales and customer services with 10 years experience.

She joined LeadJen in 2009 as an Inside Sales Executive, and transitioned into Client Management within 8 months where she was promoted to Senior Client Account Manager in June of 2010.  Mary Ann has her B.A. in Business Administration from Hanover College.

Jen Burdess

VP of Finance and Operations

Jen Burdess has 10 plus years experience in retail and customer services. She worked in customer service where she maintained client relationships that were already in place, and built new ones.

Jen started at LeadJen in 2005 in Data Development and Market Research where she assisted in the preparation of clients’ leads. In 2009 Jen began working as an Inside Sales rep where she was quickly promoted in January of 2010 to Manager of Human Resources and Administration. Jen now manages every part of the Inside Sales team as well as managing the hiring and training process.

Aaron Cecil

Chief Sales Officer

Aaron Cecil has 4 years of  sales and business development experience with a focus on IT Services & technology.

After building out the business development process at one IT Services firm Aaron made the move to IBM where he focused on Big Data & Business Analytics.

Aaron quickly gained a reputation as a prospecting guru and left to start his own B2B lead generation company that drove quick results for his clients.

Aaron merged his business with LeadJen in January 2017 and now heads the sales and marketing efforts for LeadJen.



“LeadJen didn’t ask us to blindly commit to a program, which was important to me because we had never before implemented an outsourced appointment setting program,” said Lambert. “The benchmark allowed us to go into the program with expectations based on objective measurements.”

Jenifer Lambert

Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Terra Staffing

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