More Appointments

Our teams become experts about your product or service and set out to pique the interest of the lead, securing an appointment for our partners’ sales reps.

We Save You Time And Energy While Getting More Appointments 

LeadJen understands the process of sales prospecting.  The end goal is always to close the deal, but being strategic with the process is LeadJens’ strongest suite. We create campaigns that incorporate a calling piece executed by a trained and experienced sales professional.

With B2B appointment setting, LeadJen ensures that the data that is collected and scrubbed is being used to set the appointments that will possibly lead to a closed deal and an increase in revenue for our clients.

The sales rep can go into the meeting we set for him knowing that he is armed with many tools in his kit. From market intelligence to notes on the leads personality type, our partners can be confident that they are well prepared to go in and close the deal.