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Digital lead nurturing / scoring helps gain market coverage more quickly, engage previously unresponsive prospects and gain awareness on product positioning.

Identify, Prioritize and Qualify Leads with Digital Lead Nurturing & Scoring


Outbound teleprospecting and digital marketing should work together to improve the results on both sides of the funnel. LeadJen’s Digital Lead Nurturing / Scoring service opens new doors for your marketing campaign by providing each prospect a rich online experience.


  • Email Lead Nurturing: Through a campaign of personalized and targeted messaging, companies can gradually influence qualification and buying behavior. A prospect unready to buy today is still a potential buyer. Effective client segmentation and campaign workflow design enables your company stay connected to potential prospects. We help you understand your audience with messaging and a triggered plan for follow up to educate prospects on your company products and services.
  • Digital Event Recruitment: Our appointment setting methods produce information about our clients market to enable them to effectively reach prospects.
  • Lead Scoring Implementation: We help establish a scoring methodology based on account profile information as well as the prospect’s digital behavior and outbound calling responsiveness.
  • Content Creation: We enhance your campaigns by incorporating digital content that enhances prospects online experience and drives them to digital content that influences their decision-making process. From white papers and case studies to email design, video content and landing pages, we provide the tools needed to support your lead nurturing strategy.