More Data

By leveraging market data back into the campaign, clients have seen a 300% increase in output – while also impacting board room strategy.

Target Your Market with Complete Campaign Metrics and Industry Analysis With Scientific Campaign Analysis

LeadJen delivers a full range of scientific campaign analysis metrics to drive revenue and enable you to better understand your market. We evaluate your campaign’s market response and compare and contrast the results to successful campaigns engineered by LeadJen. Our focus includes:

  • Scientific Market Analysis
  • Market Intelligence
  • Campaign Metrics & Benchmarking
  • Scientific Market Trends

See an example industry analysis.


Develop Your Compelling Story

Many teleprospecting companies simply report and equip their clients with justification data, LeadJen leverages live prospect dialogues to help clients better understand their market through a comprehensive collection of reporting tools.

  • Market Viability Test for investors: Understand the viability of the solution positioning and go-to-market strategy to help establish realistic goals in the board room.
  • Prospect Availability Industry Report: Using analytical results, we develop a roadmap that takes into account the best time of day, day of the week and approach to reach respective prospects.
  • Industry Benchmark Analysis: Understand how your campaign results compare to others in your industry.
  • Custom Analysis for Venture Capitalists: LeadJen prepares custom analysis of the market and message viability tailored to investors. This enables them to validate key market data before making their investment decision. Through equipping investors with the necessary information, they can advise portfolio companies on techniques to get to market better, faster and smarter.