Higher Response

Trade show calling generated an 18% response rate and helped completely book our meeting room with qualified appointments at CES!

Trade Show & Event Recruitment Solutions Capture Your Target Market

Our pre-show and event promotions generate the greatest value for your company trade show campaigns.

LeadJen customizes events that offer a meaningful experience for your target market, including:

  • Tradeshow appointments and booth traffic
  • Paid and unpaid corporate events
  • Webinars
  • Multi-day seminars
  • Conferences for customers, partners & prospects

Our Event Solutions Engage Top Prospects from Inception through Closing

LeadJen first incorporates its exclusive event and webinar recruitment process to generate the greatest yield of registrants. We then maximize conversion of registrations to attendees through follow-up communication to generate greater interest in your event and motivate registrants to hold the date. The usable information gathered from these pre-show contacts and follow-up prospecting increases ROI from your investment event by enabling your sales reps to maintain control of top prospects while we follow up with secondary leads.

Making the most out of your trade show or event presence as a company is important. Joining into a trade show does require extensive investment and if you are already planning on showing up with a booth, staff members and presentation materials it’s extremely important that you experience top conversions as a result of your participation at an event or trade show.

With the help of LeadJen, it’s possible for you to satisfy your objectives and goals for any type of trade show or marketing event.¬† We can create an extended plan to guide your progress in any event or trade show. We will establish scripts, targeted leads to follow, the best top of funnel sales prospects and more. Work with us to identify a goal for every event and then let us show you how you can experience the greatest return on investment from your trade show presence.

Our trade show & event recruitment staff can help you to recruit not only the best people but also recruit the best leads. We work to establish contacts and some of the top Fortune 500 companies and we can help to recruit the best leads from your active marketing lists to generate the greatest changes for your business.

Our company will handle every aspect of making quality sales and connections at an event. We can provide assistance for webinars, trade shows, partner conferences, customer appreciation events, Lunches, workshops and more.

No matter what type of event or goal that you have in mind, our trade show and event recruitment staff can be a massive support system for you and your company. We will work to build a lasting relationship with your staff members as well as with the ongoing relationships of your top prospects at your next event.

Contact Lead Jen today to learn more about our trade show event and recruitment services.