Cold Calling Isn't Dead

It’s a reoccurring question within sales across social platforms like LinkedIn is, “Is Cold Calling Dead?”

The answer would be, “Not exactly.”

In fact, it’s the perfect time to leverage cold calling. Since digital transformation has been shifting the cold-calling landscape, we have proof that it still actively assists sales funnels daily at LeadJen.

So why isn’t cold calling dead?

Sales Technology

The sales development representative role is essential for generating quicker responses via cold-calling. That said, it’s not just about cold-calling. It’s about combining sales enablement technology.

To recap, the SDR or BDR function is to generate and spark interest outside of your existing inbound approach when generating additional leads. Either way, companies are not at a disadvantage. Especially, for trying the cold calling technique to assist with fueling their sales funnel.

That stated it’s no secret that your very own search engine can help discover anyone’s name, company, and a title that fits your ideal client profile for getting in touch.

Nowadays, this is how business is discovered. However, this technique for extracting accurate data isn’t always enough. Therefore, we utilize tools like DiscoverOrg and FrontSpin that help to maximize touches almost instantly.

In fact, there are many ways of reaching out “cold” to those you’ve never met or conversed with before. We can thank social media platforms and other digital solutions for keeping cold calling very alive.

Zoom Info cites, “A strong organization can generate up to 70% more revenue than an average organization purely based on the quality of its data”

In conclusion, sales prospecting has evolved just as quickly as the digital ecosystem has in the past couple of years.

Cold Calling with Smart Selling

What do we mean about smart selling?

We mean knowing more about your client’s product and services. In other words, knowing how your product or services have helped other leading brands (if any at all).

Therefore, it takes a combination of marketing and sales efforts to also keep sales development prospecting alive. That said, the two should work together seamlessly in generating accurate data, ideal client profiles, and crafting the right messaging that is going to resonate.

TOPO’s 2019 Sales Technology Report Executive Summary describes, “Sales technology and sales professionals should work together harmoniously to drive sales success.

We know sales is a numbers game and always will be. However, we need to keep in mind how we align with those that we are speaking to. Therefore, the SDR has been seen to be more successful when they acquire the necessary research to ask more meaningful questions.

Sites like Capterra and can be leveraged to help demonstrate credibility through product rankings and solid reviews. These sites are well-versed in the technology space for comparing software products.

Social Media

Besides just calling, sales teams now have the advantage to utilize social media for additional outreach support. In hopes to generate more meaningful outbound sales touches. Most of us interact through social media. Therefore, channels like LinkedIn have helped our SDR’s generate more success and quality sales appointments.

Long story short, cold-calling is not dead and if you would like to learn more about our proven appointment-setting approach for sales and marketing at LeadJen, give us a call and get a free consultation!