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“It was the best learning event I attended all year”

Business Owner & DemandJen 2012 Attendee 

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Jim Brown, Compendium 

What is it? 

An event customized for sales and marketing professionals, business owners, CEOs, & entrepreneurs with a B2B focus (though we still love B2C attendees too). 

What will it provide? 

We listened to 2012 attendees, clients and industry experts, to better understand key concepts executives are hungry to know in order to accelerate revenue. Then we enlisted all-star speakers to share their proven processes. 

How can I justify it? 

Each session is tailored to provide immediate take-aways, best practices, new techniques, sales & marketing tools and inspiration from proven industry experts – with the singular goal of growing revenue. 


Keynote Speakers…

Closing Keynote Speaker

Sarah Fisher

Indy Race Car Driver,  IndyCar Team Owner

Sarah Fisher has competed in nine Indianapolis 500 races, the most ever for a female driver! During her career as a driver she started in 84 races. In 2010, Fisher hung up her racing suit to focus on running her race team: Sarah Fisher Hartman Racing. In 2008, she was awarded “Indy’s Best & Brightest Leaders Under 40.″

Hear from Sarah Fisher at the 2013 DemandJen summit on her transformation from star athlete to business owner and the key concepts that helped her along her journey.

Opening Keynote Speaker


David Wasilewski
WhatNext, President (former Co-Founder/COO of Spanx)

In the Indy 500, there’s nothing better than receiving the victory bottle of milk. What happens next? That’s where David Wasilewski found himself. After co-founding women’s apparel company Spanx and helping grow the brand to more than $150 million is sales, David set his sights on cancer research. Learn how this entrepreneur shifted from Spanx to founding WhatNext, the leading online source of firsthand insights to cancer treatments. David will discuss how he built a brand and took his idea to market, as well how to overcome the challenges of entrepreneurship.

Featured Speakers…

Brian Graves
Vice President of Marketing and Communications, Connance, Inc.


Taking Laps: How to benefit from events

Trade shows and events provide great opportunities to showcase products and services. Learn how to maximize events with outbound marketing ideas that work.


Kathy Ruggiero
Marketing and Communications Executive, PatientKeeper


Building a well-oiled sales machine

In racing, the Garage Area is among the most fascinating, because that’s where all the tinkering takes place that gives drivers the edge they need to win. The same is true for campaign planning. Learn how to speed ROI by crafting a successful campaign with upfront planning, including market research, messaging, value propositions and training.

Aaron Prickel
Lushin & Associates, Owner


Fueling Up: Mastering the Discovery Call

Aaron Prickel, vice-president and co-owner of Indiana’s largest sales training firm Lushin & Associates Inc., is a top-rated speaker and an industry leader in sales force development. Hear from Aaron on Masteringthe Discovery Call: the right questions to ask and when to ask them.


Doug Karr
President/CEO, DK New Media

Get your inbound marketing ready to race with The Inbound Marketing Checklist

Everyone wants to run with a winner and that’s true of your prospects too.  While you are building a winning demand generation strategy, prospects will be researching your brand, products and services online to find out more about you and how well you are racing against your competitors.  We’ll provide a baseline checklist to help you focus your efforts and take advantage of trends – from Search, to Social, Email, Mobile and Video – and beyond. 


Richard Cunningham
Principal, Marcom Productions


Gearing Up: Next steps to growing a scalable business.

Richard will discuss how to identify your “shark bit” pains, and implement results-based re-strategizing to grow your company and overall revenue.


Josh Miles
Principal & Founder, Miles Design

On your mark. Get set. Design!

A responsive website is the engine of sales and marketing efforts. Josh Miles will provide tips on how to create a website designed for mobile, tablet and desktop devices.


Jim Brown
Director of Business Development, Compendium

Bringing home the trophy: Creating content that generates leads 

SEO isn’t enough to keep a sales pipeline filled. To do that, you also need to develop great content that directs prospects to your website and keeps them engaged. Learn the top questions your prospects are looking to answer then actively create and execute a more relevant content strategy that generates leads.

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This Just In!

We will be hosting the full day conference on May 16th at the famed NCAA Hall of Champions headquarters in downtown Indianapolis!


Join us on Friday, May 17th at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway as we accelerate the fun and enjoy the hospitality suite with a view of the Garage Area. Experience “behind the scenes” activity as teams prepare their cars for the Indianapolis 500 and witness cars exceed speeds of 215 miles per hour!

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