LeadJen announces the launch of their social lead generation solution on Monday in Destination CRM.com.

Companies hoping to tap into social media channels, such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and blogs, to drive sales can benefit from the new Social Response Lead Generation solution launched recently by LeadJen, a B2B lead generation company.

LeadJen actively monitors keywords and phrases on social networks for customers and then responds directly with content in a timely and appropriate manner to create new sales opportunities and build customer loyalty.

“Companies today recognize there are thousands of conversations taking place daily on social networks in which people are raising their hands to indicate they’ve got a need for a product or service,” said Jenny Vance, president of LeadJen. “Instead of hoping these potential customers find the company-branded content online, we have a social media response method that enables us to seek out these prospects and engage them.”

LeadJen research shows that B2C companies can have 16,000 keyword mentions a week or more, and nearly 30 percent of these are highly relevant, actionable leads that are waiting to be discovered, responded to, and converted to sales. Leads come from both positive and negative mentions of the brand, negative mentions of competing brands, and point-in-time expressions of need.

“The social response role is challenging to fill internally,” Vance said. “Needs that are vocalized on social media channels must be responded to immediately and with credible business acumen. For most companies, finding and hiring someone dedicated to this function is difficult, so outsourcing it is a welcome option.”