LeadJen’s Jenny Vance contribues to eCRM Guide.com in their recent article “Ten Things You Can Learn From Your CRM System”. eCRM Guide.com spoke with dozens of business owners and managers to get their take on what makes a good CRM work and what doesn’t.

Jenny Vance talks about what you should be able to learn from your CRM. It should help to tell the frequency in which calls should be made to prospects.

You can learn how often you really need to call prospects.“The right CRM system can provide terrific insight into what’s working in your lead generation effort,” said Jenny Vance, the president of LeadJen. “For example, call history can be analyzed to show which call and which message generated the most appointments, opportunities and sales wins. From there, you can determine how many call attempts are needed to get the best results. This varies by industry, so having access to call history data is valuable.”

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