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Does LeadJen sell our product for us?

LeadJen does not sell the product from a sales perspective.  We simply explain the solution and pique the lead’s interest in order to get them to meet with you and learn more. You, the rockstar salesperson, ultimately closes the deal!

What makes LeadJen and their process different?

LeadJen adds value by validating data with actual phone calls. This fresh information is passed on to a team of highly trained representatives who use that information to call and set appointments for your sales team.  In this process, LeadJen is able to gather key information and market intelligence that can be used to determine strategic next steps and product line direction.  

Do you specialize in certain industries?

LeadJen does not specialize in one certain industry.  The specialized LeadJen process that we have developed will work in just about any industry!

How involved is the client during the program?

The client always remains our main source of contact.  We partner with you in order to give you the best advice and guidance based on your company needs.  We use our expertise to give suggestions and drive the results that you are looking for.

How much access does LeadJen provide clients to the results/metrics/reporting of the program?

LeadJen can and will provide access to reporting, results and metrics to any program. We can give you access to the database and you could see exactly what we are doing and how well your project is going.

Does LeadJen handle only calling or are their other services LeadJen provides?

LeadJen has a variety of offerings. Outside of calling campaigns, we offer email campaigns, trade show campaigns, direct mailing campaigns and data only campaigns.

Does LeadJen guarantee Appointments?

LeadJen does not guarantee appointments, but we do have an outstanding record that our clients love and appreciate.

Does LeadJen guarantee emails?

We do not guarantee emails, but we do have an accurate system to give you our best guess if we cant validate over the phone.



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