LeadJen recently developed a study indicating that organizations that validate data before embarking on outbound lead generation programs set nearly four times more appointments. The study also shows that in blended campaigns, those that use cleansed lists and non researched lists, that 65 percent of the appointments were set from the cleansed lists.

INDIANAPOLIS – (July 14, 2011) – Organizations that validate data before embarking on outbound lead generation programs set nearly four times more appointments, according to a study recently conducted by LeadJen, Inc., a B2B lead generation company that helps sales and marketing executives get value out of every prospecting call.

The study is available for download at http://leadjen.com/data-roi-study-cost-not-validating-data-whitepaper.

Businesses wanting to set substantially more appointments through a lead generation campaign need to clean up the data before placing calls, the study shows. The study, which looked at 12 lead generation campaigns across different industries representing nearly 122,000 connections made by phone or email, shows that companies conducting a lead generation program using cleansed data achieve nearly 400 percent more qualified appointments.

“Our study shows that campaigns investing in data cleansing average a 2 percent greater response rate per lead targeted,” said Jenny Vance, president of LeadJen. The average response rate by lead when using cleansed data was 4.36 percent, compared to 2.41 percent without this market research.

“Those percentage gains translate to almost four times more appointments,” said Vance. “It follows that campaigns investing in cleansed data also will result in four times the number of sales.”

The study also shows that in blended campaigns–those using both cleansed lists and non-researched lists–65 percent of appointments came from the cleansed lists. 

The full study can be downloaded at http://leadjen.com/data-roi-study-cost-not-validating-data-whitepaper.


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