Whether talking with prospective clients in sales presentations, introducing LeadJen during a project kick-off discussion, or discussing a results review of our metrics, we talk about it. What is “it”? Well, it’s the Big 4 (and I’m not talking about the Big 4 auditors). At LeadJen and for our clients, the Big 4 are targets, training, messaging and campaigns. These are the Big 4 things we need to constantly evaluate to make sure our programs result in the best possible outcomes for our clients—maximizing every ounce of the budget to the nth degree to achieve more sales leads, more appointments and more revenue. These are the questions we ask for our clients…

  1. Targets: How is the list of targets divided? Is it divided in a way that will help me understand where I’ve had the most success? Am I evaluating success not only by leads/appointments generated, but by sales wins, time-to-close, and average deal size?
  2. Training: Who on my team is having the most success? Are they trying something different that is working for them? Can I see the ‘no interest’ responses and make changes quickly? Do we need to learn how to handle a new objection or competitor?
  3. Messaging: Which message resonates the best with different audiences? Can I adjust the message based on the most frequent ‘no interest’ responses and handle objections more proactively to ultimately set more appointments?
  4. Campaigns: How many calls/emails does it to get the majority of my qualified sales leads/appointments? Do I get more return phone calls or more return emails? Does it make a different if I call more frequently or less frequently? How do my lead nurturing campaigns compare to more aggressive calling campaigns? By working with our clients to answer these questions, the results get better and better. The focus is to use this information to increase both the volume of sales leads and appointments as well as the quality of leads to get the best possible ROI.