Make An Impact

This multi billion dollar industry creates a unique opportunity for LeadJen to partner with a client who is ready to come in and impact the way the healthcare industry operates. If you are ready to make an impact in the healthcare industry, LeadJen wants to work with you!

B2b selling in the healthcare market has become more and more popular over the last decade.  With the introduction of The Affordable Care Act and he healthcare marketplace, new challenges have presented themselves and allowed service and software providers a way to capitalize.  The need for a way to digitize medical records is a huge issue that hospitals were forced to try and solve with the introduction of new state and federal laws.  B2b software companies then got a chance to enter into the market with a new product that could solve that problem.  LeadJen has worked with clients that offer solutions like ERP management. A lot of leadjen clients are new to the market.  This presents a unique opportunity for us.  We are able to partner with these clients and walk with them through the strategic process.

LeadJen was able to identify a group of best fit target accounts and top executives.  As we walked through the A/B scripting scenarios, we were able to narrow the target accounts and executive titles down to a more manageable and analytical sub segment.  We were able to connect with the most relevant executives with in specific industries and build relationships with them.  The connections gave us insight into exactly what kind of pain points they were experiencing.  Our client was able to take that intel and fine tune its own offerings in order to develop more products to introduce to the market.  With the help of LeadJen, this client was able to start off broad, hone in on best fit titles and accounts and create a pipeline of accounts that were the most relevant and had the most potential to close.  This is something they had not been able to do with their existing sales team.  The amount of strategic processes and methods that had to be put in place was much more than they had the resources for.  

LeadJen has extensive experience in healthcare B2b selling. Creating email campaigns and custom call cadences is a service that we offer that has provided our clients with robust sales pipelines and millions of dollars in closed sales.  We craft campaigns based on our experiences with previous clients, and continue to try new strategies and build upon our knowledge base.  The reason why LeadJen has been so successful at creating qualified lead opportunities and conversions is that we listen.  We listen from start to finish.  We listen to what the data services department is telling us and adjust the strategic direction accordingly.  We listen to the feedback the caller is giving and make necessary adjustments to scripts and voicemails.  We look at the conversation rates and conversation rates to see what is working what is not.

We also ask questions.  We focus on developing a relationship with the lead and creating a mutual beneficial exchange.  We use account based marketing for a large majority of our clients. We target specific accounts and specific executives with in these accounts. Starting off with a narrower approach has shown some promising results with these campaigns.  Overall we have been able to generate revenue for our clients from a few thousand to millions of dollars.  We have been able to successfully convert qualified sales opportunities in to millions of dollars’ worth of closed deals, even shortening the client’s sales cycle by 2-4 months.

The healthcare industry is one that is evolving each day and clients are able to capitalize on the challenge that healthcare industry professionals face each day.   LeadJen is committed to partnering with clients to help them capitalize in the market and realize their sales potential.