If you’re like most of our clients, you probably have a complex solution for problems facing prospective clients. It’s hard to condense a solution into a 15 second pitch or 3-4 sentences via email without losing key pieces of your solution. However, doing this is imperative for your success. Clients are working on limited time, so making your message clear and effective will make or break a deal.

For prospecting, we’re going to take a page out of the book of Predictable Prospecting. We want to focus on writing a differentiated value proposition that speaks to why change (need), why you (trust), and why now (urgency).

Before you can start writing, you need to first nail your niche by assessing your Ideal Account Profile and Ideal Prospect Persona. These are topics that I will cover in my next blog post.

For now, let’s assume you understand your ideal accounts and personas.

Let’s take LeadJen as an example. I recently ran a small LinkedIn campaign to several 2nd degree connections with VP, Sales titles. New Client Acquisition is one of our top priorities, and one of the greatest challenges is always lead flow and pipeline.

If they accepted the connection request, I send them a message the next day with the following message:

Daniel, glad we’re connected. I thought our services might be relevant to you. We have an SMB software Client that generated $26m+ in pipeline in 16 months using our outsourced sales team. We bring the management, talent, leads, and technology in a turnkey fashion.

Do you think it’s worth a conversation to see if there’s a fit?

From 50 messages, I received 15 replies (within 2 hours). Of the 14 replies, I set 1 meeting, got 1 referral, and received 2 pricing requests. Based on these metrics, we can determine that the message was successful at producing the desired result.

What makes this text an effective one? Let’s break down the message.

Why Change?

For most of our target market, the majority of folks need help feeding the pipeline. The need is usually already there. The decision comes down to insourcing, outsourcing, or to do nothing.

The difficulty with insourcing is the burdensome process of recruiting, hiring, training, managing, and recruiting talent. Added along with this is the problem of building out the infrastructure necessary to support the rep. If LeadJen can make the process easier through our “turnkey” model, then there’s a significant appeal over insourcing. It’s my job to showcase this aspect of our services. I attempt to do this when I say “We bring the management, talent, leads, and technology in a turnkey fashion.”

Why You?

This refers to credibility. I offer a very strong story out of the gate with “We have an SMB software Client that generated $26m+ in pipeline in 16 months using our outsourced sales team.” This also speaks to how we’re different from our competitors. Differentiation is essential to highlighting the benefits of your service – emphasis should be placed on this to make your sale convincing.

Most of our competitors play in the “lead generation” space. This space is highly commoditized, so we want to position ourselves differently. We are essentially in the labor business. We help our Clients recruit, train, and manage their inside sales teams. “Using our outsourced sales team” speaks to this along with the next sentence “We bring the management, talent, leads, and technology in a turnkey fashion.”

WWhy Now?

Similar to the need, the urgency is already there. Folks need to build pipeline. And the thought of us building a pipeline of $26m TODAY is appealing.

Building a sense of urgency not only shows that you’re serious about what you have to say, but puts pressure on the person you are speaking with to make a decision that will positively benefit their company.

The above seems simple. It is. However, simple doesn’t mean easy. It took a lot of preparation to determine our Ideal Client Profile and positioning in the marketplace, which we will go over in my next blog post on the topic.

This is just one example of how we condense a complicated service model in a crowded space into a compact value proposition that resonates with the target audience. When writing an effective value proposition, make sure to emphasize what makes you different and why the target should urgently reach out to you to achieve these results.

Interested in getting a look under the hood of LeadJen’s service model?

I put together a 5 minute video overview. Check it out here