Solve Challenges

The human resources industry is one that has always offered opportunities for entry to partners who can help solve challenges and streamline processes. Call us today and let’s talk about how to build your pipeline!

LeadJen’s experience with clients who provide HR services and solutions spans over many years.  Each year comes with an exciting challenge; a new puzzle that we love to solve.  As challenging as the B2b sales industry can be within the HR sector, it is very rewarding once you find the appropriate target titles and audience segmentation.  There is huge opportunity within the HR sector to generate millions in revenue as long as you do a good job of specifying who you are looking for, where and determining the need for the solution.  There is a large opportunity for investment firms and angel investors within this sector.  With the number of HR solution based startups increasing every quarter, many are encouraged to start HR start ups and come to leadjen to help with their Go-To-Market strategy (GTMS).

LeadJen has helped many companies introduce a new solution to a market they have no experience in.  We are well versed in finding out what works with your specific solution.  We ask those high level strategic questions that help all parties get a better understanding of the vision and direction of the company.  We help you see the reasons why working with us can contribute to that vision and direction.  At leadjen , we understand the level of objection handling and patience it takes in order to generate the best appointments for our clients.  Everything we do for you is expected to be of such high quality that it makes for an easy sell by you or your sales person.  We offer value with the strategic campaigns we offer to our clients.  

We want to make sure our clients are getting full service campaigns and do not have to go anywhere else for a strategically run campaign.

LeadJen has become a trusted partner for HR Technology companies.  With so many agile start ups jumping into the market, we have been seen as the best fit for lead generation and calling campaigns.  The way we ask challenging questions and mine that market intelligence that you can not find anywhere else is invaluable.LeadJen is able to dig deep and get the results you need, while providing you with insight you can use in the future to make strategic sales decisions.  The take aways you get as a client of LeadJen’s are those that will help you in the long run.  Whether you have a long or short sales cycle, the leadjen process is one that was developed in house and has been implemented by companies all over the country.

Large companies like Exact Target (acquired by salesforce) implemented and used the LeadJen process even after our work with them was over.  We created something tangible and valuable that they could use for years to come.  What we gave them was structured enough to follow but malleable enough to bend and change as needs changed and the industry trended one way or another. LeadJen’s innovative executive team consistently finds ways to break through and have our clients solutions in the forefront.  Following this showcasing up with effective resonanting dialog with warm leads often times leads to huge closed sales deals and relationships that develop into partnerships and subsidiaries at times.

The industry is looking for faster, bigger and better HR technology companies.  We believe that our clients posses the qualities to be what the market needs.  We create innovative ways to get the product in front of the right people and couple that with effective messaging.  Those two simple steps can lead to a major increase in conversation and ultimately conversion rates. LeadJen promises to be the partner you never had from beginning to end, using its expertise in HR technology to guide you to the robust pipeline your company is looking for.