Build Profitable Pipelines

The insurance industry’s climate is changing everyday. Our partners have successfully built million dollar pipelines from the sales opportunities we created for them.  Find out how LeadJen can help you today!

Similar to other industries, trends in the insurance sector are heavily revolved around technology and increased convenience and security.  Cloud storage, mobile apps and payments are being sought after more and more by the consumer. Regulatory challenges present a unique problem that insurance companies need to find a way to solve.  

Our clients see a huge opportunity here to step in and solve these problems for the insurance industry.  Presenting a technology that will not only help the insurance company be more convenient for its customers but also satisfy federal regulations make these insurance technology companies highly sought after.  LeadJen helps our insurance technology clients break through.  

We help clients position themselves as industry leaders and craft a custom messaging campaign to get the attention of the decision makers at the best fit companies.  Coupled with our advanced lead generation techniques, we are able to identify the best industry segment and target audience to deliver these custom messages to.  By doing this, we cut back on the time that is usually wasted talking to the wrong people.  We attack the best source.  We gain market intelligence for our clients which they find valuable for use in the future.  

The LeadJen process is one that is highly customizable, effective and metrics driven.  We build revenue for you!