In hospitals and the health care industry, the difference between life and death can be a matter of minutes, which is why we make it a priority to be efficient as possible. LeadJen recognizes the seriousness of making every minute count in healthcare prospecting, which is why we partner with leading healthcare information management solution providers to help hospitals become increasingly more efficient.

In one of our most recent efforts, a LeadJen team member set an appointment for one HIM solution provider within a hospital that has been providing healthcare services for over 100 years. This provider was able to connect this hospital to provide full suite services that help streamline and simplify HIM workflow. As a result, LeadJen was able to make a difference by ensuring accurate tracking.

In one of the more recent 25 appointments LeadJen has set for them, they thanked the Lead Development Associate for efforts in connecting them to the hospital.

Here is some great feedback we received:

Thank you for your lead. I spoke with the appointed executive. She has all the criteria we are looking for. They need a refresher and she also needs training for the Physicians and really wants someone to tell them how to do this. We are presenting to their 13 person committee that includes COO and CFO next Friday. They want not only a demo on the classes and gym, but direction with timelines.

Thank you – just what we are looking for!

Here at LeadJen, we believe in business as well as corporate responsibility. By utilizing B2B sales leads and appointment setting, we can partner with the right companies and connect them to those in need of service. We make the world around us, and with the appropriate prospecting we can all help to make this a better and safer place to live.

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