We’re Conversion Experts

Our manufacturing partners have benefited immensely from working with us.  We have been able to help them build revenue pipelines that are triple their annual goal in some cases.  Here at LeadJen we consider ourselves the conversion experts! Call us today to get started!

There are a lot of opportunities for manufacturing companies to take advantage of the changing industry.  SInce technology is such a transcending industry, it over laps in all sectors including manufacturing.  Automation and technology integration are two things that manufacturing companies are finding to be important more recently.  Selling to these points will allow our clients to see an increase in profit as well as see growth in business development.  Since there are multiple types of manufacturing companies that could benefit from automation and technology integration, this sector is ripe with opportunity.  Efficiency and effectiveness is an operations metrics that is important to manufacturing companies because it directly affects the bottom line.  Supply chain and logistics is another area that is focused on heavily in the manufacturing industry.  These two things affect revenue and client retention.  It allows the company to reach maximum output while keeping costs low as well.  The popularity of the Internet of Things (IoT) also affects supply chain metrics.  But with that comes concerns about file security.  Which presents another avenue for a company to come in and solve a problem.

LeadJen has been able to work with companies that solve complex problems within the manufacturing industry.  From logistics solutions to security technologies, we have been critical in helping create robust pipelines for our clients.   A recent client of ours invested in a program with leadjen and within 12 months, they were able to see a return on their investment of over half a million dollars. These results are not impossible for our clients. With insight, feedback and a fine tuned process, leadjen can take a flatlining intern process and turn it into one that generates a number of valuable and promising leads.  Give us a call right now and lets talk about what you looking for from a lead generation and prospecting partner.  Our expert will be able to answer any questions you have and partner with you to find out the best way to get the results you need to have an impactful quarter and even more impressive fiscal year!