Effective Campaigns

We have worked with partners who have a need for campaigns with digital marketing pieces integrated into them.  One partner saw a 42% increase in email opens within the first month of the campaign. Call LeadJen to see how we can impact your marketing efforts and bring in more revenue for you!

There are multiple trends that industry leaders are seeing in the marketing sector.  Multiple sources are putting a heavy emphasis on digital advertising and the challenges that will arise from new trends such as online ad blockers.  These emerging trends could be helpful to some companies and harmful to others.  At leadjen, we are here to help everyone affected by changing industry climate.  We have created successful campaigns using account based methods as well as guided early start ups in their initial go to market phases.  LeadJen has seen success in creating social selling campaigns for clients who are needing a more personal connection with their leads.  We understand the reasons why people buy products or services and we create campaigns that cater to those triggers.

Insight driven marketing is one that has been trending recently.  We offer that to our clients.  As a leadjen client, we can give you metrics, feedback, live call notes and reports to show you what is really happening in the market.  We want you to understand your market and how your product is moving within it.  We provide real time insight into metrics like messaging, conversions, and conversations.  We use powerful databases and automated tools that help us make your program successful as well.  Our commitment to our clients success goes far beyond their time with us.  While we would love for you to be our client forever, we know that may not be realistic for everyone.  LeadJen creates a plan that adds value to the services we offer.  Everything we discover can be taken with you and expounded upon.