LeadJen is featured in Douglas Karr’s blog, Jesubi: Simplified Demand Generation on Marketing TechBlog. Karr writes about how the CRM, Jesubi, helped to improve the touches per hour for LeadJen.

If your CRM is central to managing your demand generation, your team may be a frustrated by how much time they spend entering data rather than actually nurturing leads and working to a close. (I know I have been in the past!)

Jenny Vance and her team at LeadJen were so frustrated that they had Jesubi build a front-end that simplified the process significantly.

click here to watch how LeadJen utilizes Jesubi. 

Within LeadJen, the implementation of Jesubi was a huge success:

  • In 2006, LeadJen was averaging 7.2 hourly touches per employee – a touch being an email sent, a voicemail delivered, or a productive conversation using traditional technology like Salesforce.com, Netsuite or Microsoft CRM.
  • In April 2007, we released the first version of Jesubi for LeadJen’s internal use. Within the first 30 days, their productivity jumped from 7.2 hourly touches to over 17 touches per hour – an increase of over 200%.

The platform is so good, in fact, that it’s now a product they license and sell. Jesubi has expanded and is now compatible with Salesforce, Microsoft and Netsuite CRMs. Jesubi is another Measured Marketing company here in central Indiana.