The “Jen” in LeadJen is not only a fun play on words with the term lead generation (Lead Gen).  It also serves as a way to tell the story about how our company was founded.  Before starting LeadJen, the founders (we) worked for a company providing enterprise-class marketing automation solutions to a variety of industries. We were tasked with building an inside sales process from scratch.  That is no easy task!  We had a lot of lessons learned that have become the foundation of our best practice at LeadJen.


  1. Build a list, don’t buy it. Purchased lists are often outdated, irrelevant and simply…just a waste of time and money!  Invest those dollars to build a target list of ALL the right companies and ALL the right titles.  It will have a huge impact in downstream productivity and marketing ROI.
  2. Pair cold calls with marketing campaigns. Both marketing campaigns and inside sales calls will be more effective if coordinated.  Set up a drip campaign that allows inside sales to call the day the marketing message is received.  It will make your campaigns seem more targeted and will warm-up prospect receptiveness.
  3. Create a programmatic calling cadence. If everyone uses the same calling cadence, it’s easier to understand what is working and what isn’t.  It also makes the changes in the calling cadence more strategic when based on actual results.

So…the “Jen” represents the commitment of our entire company to not only generation quality and repeatable results.  It also stands for our desire to equip our clients with strategic metrics and analysis to help make important decision about how to tackle the marketplace. Jenny