Whether your company is brand-new to its industry or you’re struggling to gain a foothold in a saturated market, there are numerous things you can do to give yourself a competitive edge. Of all of the options, outsourced marketing often sounds the most terrifying. After all, how can a company you don’t know market your business, product, or service effectively? Here are five reasons why outsourced marketing just might be the missing link for you. 

#1 – Marketing is a Skill 

Marketing, like sales, is a skill. It takes time, research, and practice to become an effective marketer. Even if your product or service seems like it should sell itself, it won’t. You’ll need effective marketing no matter what you’re trying to sell, and no matter who you are trying to sell it to. People who are excellent marketers can adjust these techniques so that they fit the uniqueness of your product or service and do a fantastic job of generating interest and leads on your behalf. Often, the best way to access these excellent marketers is through outsourcing. 

#2 – You Can’t Do it All Yourself 

If you’ve taken the time to really thing about what goes into marketing your company, it can be overwhelming. In today’s digital age, it isn’t as simple as buying a TV spot and a newspaper ad. Today, you’ll need to build a website, learn and implement search engine optimization (SEO), design and place Google Ads, discover the wide world of retargeting ads and much, much more. Don’t forget about social media, either; you’ll need to be a Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter regular if you want to gain attention. Instead of trying to handle this on your own, and instead of hiring multiple full-time employees, consider outsourcing your marketing to industry experts, instead. 

#3 – You’ll Get Expert-Created Content

One of the best parts about outsourcing your marketing efforts to a pro is the content you can get for your company. Imagine having a wide range of videos, press releases, white papers, blogs, and other authoritative bits of content that you can share not only on your website, but also on sites like YouTube or even in article directories! This is a great way to help people learn more about your company and truly put yourself on the map. People want content these days. Outsourcing your marketing is the best and most affordable way to provide it. 

#4 – You Won’t Have to Build and Manage a Website

For many people who have a wonderful idea for a company, the notion of building and maintaining a website is even more terrifying than the thought of outsourcing their marketing team. A handful of companies make building a website look like child’s play, and while it can be easy to create pages, that’s where the “easy” part ends. A website that generates traffic and sales conversions takes time and expert precision. It must be aesthetically designed, easy to use, and optimized for Google. This is yet another reason to consider outsourcing your marketing. You’ll get an expert-built and maintained website that reflects your business perfectly. 

#5 – You Can Breathe

Starting or running a business is an insane amount of work. You always have a million things to do on your plate, and it’s easy to find yourself forgetting meetings, missing out on time at home with your family, or even rescheduling that vacation you desperately need for the third time. Marketing is also a lot of work. In fact, it’s one of the busiest and most stressful parts of running a business, especially for those who have no real-world training or experience in the digital marketing realm. Outsourcing your marketing to a company that does have that experience will take a tremendous load off your back. You can finally breathe – and you can finally go on that vacation. 

If outsourcing your marketing sounds scary, take a minute to think about everything that goes into running a successful marketing campaign in today’s digital era. Between social media and video content, and between building a website and creating dynamic content to keep that website fresh, there is always something to do. Outsourcing isn’t scary at all when you think about it like this. In fact, it gives you the time to focus on your business and the best ways to grow.