A big thanks to Andrew for submitting the question we tackle in this week’s episode—Who owns the prospecting process: the manager or the rep?

The short answer is the manager. If each rep owns his own process, then it’s difficult to know if the SDR or the process is yielding the success. In addition, we can’t scale an individual, we can only scale a process.

To illustrate the importance of scaling a process, let’s look at what many companies do to replicate a standout sales rep. Many companies take the process of the most successful SDR and replicate it across the team. So, if the rep makes 10 calls to reach one prospect, this process is adopted across the sales team. This is dangerous logic that is chock-full of false positives.

On the other hand, vetting a process across all reps will show the abilities of the individual team members while helping bring some of the lagging performers up to a higher level.

In addition to tackling this question, this episode will cover how the process can be measured with technology and what to look for when selecting a technology solution for an SDR team.

Be careful when selecting a technology not to place all the emphasis on telephony. Telephony metrics are best for individual coaching and it’s easy to get caught up in the “cool” factor of some of the features.

Workflow technology is the most valuable tool for an SDR team. We have seen the most success with a Salesforce.com AppExchange solution called Salesvue.

Happy calling. Smart prospecting!

Origanilly posted by: Jenny Vance