Is it really possible to be all things to all people? At some point, success is reliant upon partnerships where knowledge, solutions, relationships and distance can be leveraged to benefit the partnership as well as the client. LeadJen always has an ‘ear to the ground’ in search of ways to impact client success. With that philosophy, LeadJen has been able to identify partners who offer technology solutions, complimentary services, and/or have a worldwide presence—helping to extend the reach and success of our clients and their business.

Reseller Partners

LeadJen is a successful organization due to significant investments in people, process and technology. Many companies recognize a tremendous opportunity to leverage LeadJen’s operational model and team to provide lead generation as a white-labeled offering.

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Worldwide Partners

Companies with aggressive B2B lead generation goals do not want to be limited to North American campaigns. LeadJen recognizes the value of having “feet on the street” in different geographical locations around the globe. By establishing partnerships with companies that are headquartered around the world, LeadJen clients can benefit from localized experience, relevant schedules, and appropriate dialect. The home-town feel can impact the success of client campaigns in those regions.

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