It’s no secret: one of the best ways to increase your business is to use a qualified leads list. Whether you’re a new company building your customer base, or a well-established business looking to bring in new clients, a list of qualified leads will help you increase sales, save time on research, and identify your target audience.

With the market highly saturated with new offers every day, using qualified leads puts your sales reps in the best possible position for success!

Four Reasons to Use a Qualified Leads List

#1 Educated Clients

Making a sale is a marathon not a sprint. Big decisions are usually the result of careful research and consideration over a long period of time. When you work with a list of qualified leads, you create a line of communication with potential clients who have already expressed interest in your product. Subsequently, your leads will be more interested in receiving further educational information about your product’s benefits.

Instead of pushing the sale, try a more long-term tactic: “in today’s world, hard-sales approaches very often fail as highly-savvy consumers are expecting reps to accompany them in their buyer journey, being there to help, orient and recommend without being pushy and impatient” (MediaDev.Com).

Working with a list of qualified leads allows you to take it slow. This way, your clients will feel valued, and will have ample opportunities to experience the benefits of your products / services so they can make an informed decision down the road.

#2 Increased Brand Awareness

Instead of worrying about closing the deal right away, use your qualified leads to increase brand awareness by offering clients the opportunity to enroll in email newsletters, subscribe to social media, and try a sample of your products.

Keep an eye toward the future, and remember that “increasing awareness about your brand means that down the road, you will certainly increase the number of inbound inquiries you have. By reaching out to prospects in a helpful way and cultivating their interest over time, those same people will be more likely to contact you when they’re ready to go to the next level” (

Along with education, increased brand awareness will help you cultivate a group of customers who are enthusiastic and interested in your project. Remember, happy customers are more likely to recommend your service to their friends!

#3 Faster Deals

Tired of long wait times and exhausting back-and-forth games of phone-tag? Working with a list of qualified leads will cut back on the amount of time you spend closing deals. Since clients will have been able to research and think about your brand in their own time, it will be much faster when they are ready to make a decision. In short, “they will already be convinced it’s the right solution and they’ll implement it much faster than they would have otherwise” (

#4 Sales Reps Have Better Prospects

A list of qualified leads is like a roadmap in your sales journey. It provides a guide with which you can pursue new clients, without needing to veer off into the wilderness.

When you use a list of qualified leads, it provides your sales reps with a leg-up when it comes to closing the deal. Since reps are working with a list of pre-qualified potential clients, they spend more time and energy educating their prospective clients about the benefits of the product and less time chasing non-starter prospects.

Additionally, using a list of qualified leads also helps eliminate sales call reluctance. Reps know they are engaging with customers who have already expressed some interest in their product, so there’s less fear of rejection and failure.

So How Do You Get a Qualified Leads List?

One of the best ways to get a qualified leads list is to work with a lead generation service. At LeadJen, you can expect high-quality leads generated by a team of experts who are dedicated to finding the right fit for your company. LeadJen is passionate about “finding the diamond in the rough” and providing top notch SDR services to businesses of all sizes. Not sure how LeadJen fits into your budget? With flexible full or part-time SDRs and a month-by-month payment option, LeadJen’s team is committed to fitting your budgetary needs.

Qualified leads are a fantastic way to increase sales and minimize your sales team’s stress. It’s important to work with a lead generation service that understands your product and target audience. Although it might feel like a bit investment, remember that you’re investing in the best for the future of your business.