Sales & Marketing Recruiting Services

Looking for someone more specific than our SDR representatives? Want to build a sales team?

LeadJen’s direct sales and marketing recruiting services can help you find exactly the person you need for all levels of sales positions.

From entry level positions to VPs and Directors, we’re experts at filling roles from New York to San Francisco. 

We provide the vetting, the background checks, and the reference checks.

You get an incredible employee who fits the bill for what you’re looking for.

Contact us today to see how we can help you complete your dream team. Let us help you build a winning sales team.

Love the flexibility and the speed at which the team at LeadJen can get ramped up and start producing. They have the culture and the leadership that you want in a partner. These guys are my go to for outsourced sales needs for my clients. Highly recommend!

Jonathan Elhardt

In the time you’ve spent reading this, you could have had leads already!

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