What works when selling to HR

The purchasing power in Human Resources is heating up. As existing HR systems age, organizations plan to spend big bucks to replace them. In one study, 40% of HR executives said they have more than $500,000 budgeted to replace HR management systems. HR Services, such as staffing and recruiting, also is a growing area, with more than 80% of organizations outsourcing some or all of their recruitment.

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What works when selling to IT

When it comes to lead generation, you could say that IT executives wear a bullseye. They are one of the most targeted groups for appointment setting because they implement solutions on behalf of nearly every function in their organizations. Here are some best practices for appointment setting with IT executives regardless of industry.

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What works when selling to healthcare

The U.S. federal government’s impact on the healthcare industry has never been greater, and healthcare organizations are responding by spending valuable resources to comply with sweeping healthcare reform and policy mandates.

This study includes a quarter million call and email attempts, and more than 30,000 conversations with healthcare professionals.

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What works when selling to marketers

A noisy, cluttered marketplace makes it difficult for marketing technology vendors to find the right tactics and messages that will get noticed by marketers. However, traditional lead generation practices are very successful in reaching this target.

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Data ROI Study: Cost of Not Validating Data

To boost lead generation ROI, look to data.

When marketing and sales executives consider campaigns for inside sales, they often contemplate whether to outsource or to handle the project in-house. They give thought to who will be doing the calling, what kind of expertise that person has, what technology is needed to facilitate the calls and how to measure success.

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