Indiana Fluid Power Closed A $500,000 Deal

For nearly 40 years, IFP (Indiana Fluid Power and IFP Automation) has been designing and selling fluid power, motion control and automation systems for the industrial and mobile OEM marketplace. A family-owned and operated business, IFP is known for its knowledgeable sales engineers and focus on value-added solutions. Within 90 days of working with LeadJen, IFP closed a $500,000 deal.

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Over 200 Appointments Were Quickly Set

Compendium (Software) gave LeadJen a list of inbound leads and LeadJen set out to cleanse the list, qualify leads and set appointments. In a short time, LeadJen reps set 203 appointments and 94 percent were qualified.

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More Productive Sales Calls For NetApp

After NetApp launched data storage solutions to the healthcare market, executives found they were held back by trade show lists in which nearly two-thirds of all contacts were irrelevant or missing too much information to be actionable. LeadJen’s database experts quickly went to work on the lists, bringing them to almost 100 percent accuracy in just a few short months. Now, NetApp’s sizable investment in trade shows has been optimized and sales calls are more productive.

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Sales Value Of $9.5 Million In First 8 Months

In just the first eight months, the LeadJen appointment setting program surpassed its projected results by nearly double, setting 76 appointments and uncovering 14 opportunities. A sub-set of these opportunities have a combined estimated sales value of $9.5 million.

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$2 Million Pipeline & $500,000 In Sales In Just A Year

Starting from a baseline of zero sales, LeadJen built Scale Computing’s sales pipeline to $2 million in just a year, and generated $500,000 in sales (half of which are directly attributed to LeadJen’s efforts).

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42% Conversion Rate

Starting with 242 leads, LeadJen set 27 appointments and Terra Staffing closed three of those appointments. The conversion rate outperformed the benchmark by 42 percent. “After just a few months, LeadJen’s appointment scheduling performance is a little better than our in-house sales reps with five to 10 years experience,” said Terra Staffing

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Grew Sales Pipeline By 5x

LeadJen appointments grew WebLink’s sales pipeline by 5x, quickly paying for the lead generation program. In addition, when the company rolled out a bundled solution and pricing, LeadJen helped to whittle down the sales cycle by getting WebLink in front of the right people quickly. The sales process, which was 12 to 18 months, today is 5 to 6 months.

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$3 Million In Sales For First Databank (FDB)

During the first three years of the company’s relationship with LeadJen, closed opportunities for all “Known” campaigns had a 42.35% conversion rate, which equated to $3 million in sales.

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$2 Million For MindStream Analytics In Just 16 Months

As a young company, MindStream Analytics needed to grow sales and build awareness of the company to set the stage for future sales opportunities. The company augmented its enterprise sales staff with outsourced lead generation from LeadJen. In just 16 months, LeadJen appointments have generated projects and a sales pipeline with a combined value of $2 million.

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