objection handling

“No Interest.” “I’m all set.” “No need.”  — Three phrases every salesperson dreads hearing. Don’t take these “no” rejections at face value. Push back with these five objection handling tips:


By: Morgan Busam – Lead Development Associate, LeadJen

In today’s world, most people have been conditioned to instantly reply, “no” the minute they enter into a sales conversation. Now that you have the prospect on the phone, don’t let them off the hook that easy. Push back with these five objection handling tips:

  • Give Thanks: This is your chance to thank the prospect for taking the time to speak with you and providing you an opportunity to open a dialogue. You may be surprised at how far a simple thank you will take you in a sales call.
  • Use Open-Ended Questions: By asking open-ended questions, such as  “What specifically about our solution disinterests you?”  or “I understand you are busy, but what makes you say that”, you force the prospect to engage in conversation. Don’t give them an opportunity to rush you off the phone by asking questions that require yes or no replies. Force them to open up and provide you with information you can work with.
  • Be Empathetic: When someone says, “no”, it’s usually means their defense guard is up. So instead of being argumentative and using a rebuttal statement, try sympathizing with your prospect and state that you understand their current situation. A customer is more likely to open up and share specific details if they feel you truly empathize with their frustrations and challenges.
  • Listen, Probe, And Restate: Now that you have your prospect on the phone, make every minute count. Take your time and keep asking questions until you truly understand the reason for their “no interest” response. As you move from one objection to another, be sure to restate what you heard your prospect say in your own words and ask for confirmation that you’ve correctly understood them.
  • Set a Date: Now that the hard part is over, don’t forget the initial purpose of your call. Be sure to set up a firm date and time to follow up with your prospect.

So the next time you hear a prospect tell you, “No Interest.” “I’m all set.” “No need.”, remember they don’t necessarily mean “no”. Strive to get past the autopilot “no” response and uncover the real reason behind their response with these 5 objection handling tips.