Identifying Targets

Our technology partners are those who have been able to enter the market with an offering that solves a complex issue in business.  We have helped these partners identify the best potential targets and audience segments. These specific segmentations have led to millions in potentially closed deals for our partners. Call us today and let’s talk about how we can help you see the same type of results!

The technology industry is one that has single handedly elevated universal quality of life.  From improvements in communication to enhancing driving abilities, the technology industry has reached great heights. This industry in particular, has seen many changes in a short period of time.  In 2014, with hopes of scaling and cutting costs, large mergers where underway for the world’s top technology companies.  Staying on top of the demand of the market while delivering high quality yet affordable products has proven to be challenging.  The technology industry was forced to figure out creative ways to deliver the same product but at a lower cost.  Cloud based software and big data driven solutions became popular and began to propel the technology into the new age.  This generation is all about innovation and convenience.

Experience and usability are also two features that are valued by the millennials who are the largest users of these products.  But what about B2b products? Innovation, convenience, experience and usability are all features that are valued in the B2b technology world.  There are certain pain points technology companies deal with on a daily basis and they are looking for ways to satisfy them and still be able to do it conveniently, and use a product that is user friendly.  Cloud based solutions are ones that satisfy a consumer need as well as a business need.  Finding ways to safely and securely store sensitive information has been a long standing issue within technology companies.  With the use of field workers and remote associates in the technology industry, solutions around conveniently being able to log into an employee space that allowed associates to exchange information in real time as well as file share became a top priority for technology companies as well.

LeadJen has been able to join with many different technology companies in order to set qualified appointments for them and generate a robust pipeline.  We have developed a process that allows us to understand the product or solution, understand the target audience and then translate the complexities into a message that is well received by the audience.  

Conversion rates in technology industry are usually around 5 % on average.  LeadJen has seen conversion rates as high as 7% in one program. With leadjen’s proven formulas, we can use metrics to find the most successful campaign and set realistic goals for your that will result into higher return on your investment.  

The barriers to the technology industry include the complexities of the products.  Explaining what a solution is translates easier by explaining what problem it fixes.  Here at leadjen, we are able to explain to the specific target audience what benefits they are gaining from using the said solution.  LeadJen offers helpful information and documentation along the way.  We make sure the target has everything needed in order to make an informed decision.  Whether it’s early on or late in the sales process, LeadJen is able to jump in and ask the right questions, offer the right amount of feedback and guide the potential buyer to the right decision.  

We stand each day on our mission to do right by the client and seek to solve.  As a team we work together to help you identify deals that will bring you the most revenue as well as execute specialized campaigns that will lead to closed deals.  We bring quality and quantity to the table.  We want you to be as successful as possible with both strategies and finding that middle ground is our goal in every project we start.