As a leading Web 2.0 media publishing company, Veotag provides an innovative solution that enables small, medium and large organizations to publish audio, video, and archived web presentations to the Internet quickly and easily. However, as the use of media and podcasting became increasingly popular, the Veotag team was confronted with the dilemma of initiating outbound lead generation into targeted verticals and follow-up qualification to tradeshow and web leads. Additionally, Veotag needed to achieve its goals which were to improve marketing campaign response rates, increase market share, and deliver high volume of quality appointments to the sales team. LeadJen’s services and Jesubi’s software fulfilled all of these tactical and visionary marketing campaigns, while working as a cohesive entity to Veotag’s direct sales team. Today, LeadJen is a confident partner of Veotag.

Executing a Global Marketing Vision

LeadJen - Veotag Story
Jeffrey Paul, Co-Founder and VP of Sales & Marketing for Veotag, needed to adjust and enrich marketing campaigns as they were just launching into the B2B marketplace. It was critical to get their message out about their revolutionary solution that “veotags” media content. With a change in marketing focus, the Veotag team needed help implementing a predictable lead generation program to support the company’s revenue goals.

Jeffrey needed a partner that would not only stretch the canvas, but provide the paints for Veotag’s picture of success. He knew the product had a valuable, exclusive niche and anyone with media content could benefit from Veotag’s solution. The question wasn’t “Who will this work for?” The question was “How do we show all these companies how it will work for them?” And prospectively, “How will it be feasible to single-handedly manage outbound appointment setting and inbound qualification?”

Veotag realized the processes that surround prospecting and lead qualification could not be easily combined with sales opportunity management.  Instead of spending valuable internal manpower Veotag turned to the outsourced lead generation organization, LeadJen. Veotag decided to partner with LeadJen because “LeadJen has a lot more expertise with lead generation and with CRM documentation and integration.” Jeffrey Paul also notes, “I am going to use the best possible resources I can find and afford, rather than sacrifice quality to just do it ourselves. Since it is successful, than it’s a win for everyone. If a campaign isn’t generating a predicted outcome, then I deduce whether I have something wrong with my messaging or something wrong with my offer.”

LeadJen researches industry specific, quality company contacts to ensure they will be well-suited for their clients. Secondly, inside sales representatives place follow-up phone calls to secure one-on-one conversations with qualified prospects. Not only does LeadJen provide these services, but also use a solution named Jesubi that documents, reports, and forecasts all stages of the campaign. Beyond that, the Jesubi solution can sync to various CRM systems to mirror existing, and current client sales processes.  “With Jesubi, we have strategic conversations with our clients about target industries, messaging, campaign structure and personnel—helping us to continually improve the best practice for each client and ensure we are doing everything possible to contribute to client success.”  Jenny Vance, Founder, LeadJen.

With LeadJen’s tailored lead generation and follow-up, seamlessly combined with Jesubi, Veotag “has reached its profitability goals by increasing pipeline by 300% and increased production by 200%” announced Jeffrey Paul.

Since working with LeadJen, Veotag has had measurable, successful marketing campaigns and closed business in a variety of target industries.  LeadJen specifically opened Veotag up a new vertical by uncovering an opportunity with a leading advertising company.  “We closed a deal there in six weeks that was an excess of $100,000 dollars over two years. This was in a space we had never participated in before.”

With their sales and revenue vigorously growing, Veotag decided to expand their LeadJen contract after their first and second quarter partnership. According to Jeffrey Paul this was because, “we knew we needed to keep increasing our revenues and deal-flow.” Also he expands, “the early results proved to us LeadJen’s ability to deliver while our own sales reps were able to maximize their time and stay focused on closing qualified opportunities.”  LeadJen, along with Jesubi’s valuable marketing tools, has fulfilled Veotag’s vision of growth in many different verticals. “To date, LeadJen has helped to triple Veotag’s pipeline and double revenue production. In the future, there is confidence that those numbers will scale linearly as our lead generation efforts increase.”