Many young companies or even established companies that are looking to enter a new market or try a new strategy struggle with the same question. Where do we start?

There seems to be a general feeling that a company cannot get started without having an answer to every question. When in reality, it’s almost impossible to answer those questions without actually getting started!

While it is important to spend a little bit of time discussing messaging, campaign workflow, data, and supporting materials, sitting in a room and discussing those at exhaustion is simply wasting valuable time. Trust me, I’m not trying to minimize the importance of having a well thought-out and appropriately timed launch for a new campaign. However, I am also a believer that a company cannot actually acquire information that validates the strategy without actually getting started. Lead generation is one of the easiest and fastest ways to test the validity of the message in the marketplace. That litmus test might even result in some important changes to the overall campaign.

At LeadJen, we are excited to work with our clients to help test and launch new campaigns/strategies. Many of our clients might start the lead generation campaign with two goals: First, to generate appointments to drive the sales process and second, to acquire information by product that will determine more specific campaigns in the future. For example, in healthcare, our clients can run a campaign and tout their ability to complement existing HIS or EHR functionality. Because they don’t have information on what HIS or EHR system is being used, the message is more general. However, once that information is acquired as a bi-product of the campaign, the client can devise a new campaigns with messaging that is specifically targeted toward the HIS or EHR systems being used. That new strategy greatly impacts the response rates on future campaigns.