Business Services

Business services depend on providing value and customer support to the companies that they provide for. Focusing on their core competencies can often lead to them building out a less effective sales pipeline. Business services are increasingly drawn to outsourced sales and appointment setting services as they work to provide their clients with the best offerings.

Business Services Sales Experts

Selling a service is different than selling a product. Unlike a tangible product, the value of a service might not be something that is as easy to measure or see immediate results. Thus, communicating why a service is valuable to a person must be done through actively listening to prospects and overcoming objections.

Our sales and appointment setting experts excel at:

  • Effectively communicating the value that the services offered provide
  • Understanding and locating the target niche for business services
  • Following through on a prospect’s timeline
  • Actively listening to understand the needs of a prospect
  • Faithfully representing your brand

LeadJen has been a global leader in selling outsourced services for nearly two decades. Ready to see the LeadJen difference? Fill out our form, and let’s start a conversation.

LeadJen’s Appointment Setting Services:


Hiring takes time that you don’t have. We will procure employees with sales backgrounds that meet the specific needs of your product or service.

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From learning the background of your product to developing the pitch, we can start finding leads for your company in as little as two weeks.


Start seeing leads without the hard work. Our SDR outsourcing services are actively managed by our own team to ensure the highest quality of leads.

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Our collaborative model is designed with you in mind. Check how effectively we are developing your leads with real-time updates and see us in action.