Private Equity

Private equity groups and venture capital firms measure success on the rapid performance improvement of companies after an acquisition has been made. Outsourced sales and appointment setting for private equity groups can help quickly scale these efforts for maximum impact.

Private Equity and Venture Capital Sales Experts

Value creation is increasingly seen as the best way for PE and VC firms to ensure the success of their investment portfolio. It also serves as a means to differentiate your firm from the competition – actively investing in your acquisitions to ensure their success.

Outsourced sales and appointment setting for private equity and venture capital firms allows you to quickly scale business with less risk and greater impact. LeadJen provides:

  • Talent Upgrades – An audit we conducted found that 42% of companies identify finding competent business development representatives to be their biggest challenge.
  • Cost Reduction – Hiring an outsourced sales team is significantly more efficient than hiring a team internally.
  • Scalability – PE and VC firms depend on speed to drive value. LeadJen can scale with your business to suit your needs.

We have found incredible success partnering with venture capital and private equity firms to drive their appointment setting and outsourced sales services. Ready to see the LeadJen difference? Fill out our form, and let’s start a conversation.

LeadJen’s Appointment Setting Services:


Hiring takes time that you don’t have. We will procure employees with sales backgrounds that meet the specific needs of your product or service.

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From learning the background of your product to developing the pitch, we can start finding leads for your company in as little as two weeks.


Start seeing leads without the hard work. Our SDR outsourcing services are actively managed by our own team to ensure the highest quality of leads.

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Our collaborative model is designed with you in mind. Check how effectively we are developing your leads with real-time updates and see us in action.