SaaS Sales Experts

The 21st century economy is dominated by the tech industry at large, and SaaS companies are booming under the pressure to modernize every part of our lives. Initially, these organizations often lack the infrastructure to build out a complete sales function. That’s where we come in.

SaaS Sales Experts

After receiving their initial rounds of funding, SaaS companies are tasked with the initial rounds of selling their product. Even with funding, however, these companies often lack the expertise or money to build out a complete sales function. This is why more SaaS companies turn to outsourced sales and appointment setting to drive revenue.

Software as a service companies should emphasize developing their product and the features that they can offer to customers. Leave it to us to blaze new trails in the marketplace. LeadJen’s SaaS sales experts offer:

  • Adaptability – Leveraging an outsourced sales function allows SaaS companies to expand to markets they normally have limited access to. Whether you’re looking to expand to mid-market or enterprise clients or test non-core products, we can adapt to your business needs.
  • Culture – Developing an internal sales culture requires effort and experience – two things SaaS companies often don’t have the resources to allocate towards. We bring two decades of sales experience within the SaaS industry.
  • Insight – LeadJen’s frequent reporting is intended to be a collaborative effort with your business. We will provide continuous intel around what your audience is looking for, and can pivot to suit the needs of your business.

LeadJen is a global expert in outsourced sales and appointment setting for SaaS companies. Ready to see the LeadJen difference? Fill out our form, and let’s start a conversation.

LeadJen’s Appointment Setting Services:


Hiring takes time that you don’t have. We will procure employees with sales backgrounds that meet the specific needs of your product or service.

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From learning the background of your product to developing the pitch, we can start finding leads for your company in as little as two weeks.


Start seeing leads without the hard work. Our SDR outsourcing services are actively managed by our own team to ensure the highest quality of leads.

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Our collaborative model is designed with you in mind. Check how effectively we are developing your leads with real-time updates and see us in action.