Outsourced Sales


The best sales teams understand that closing a deal is more than just picking up a phone and reading off a script. You need professionals versed in closing deals, with a proven sales culture to back up and support their efforts.

Why use outsourced sales? While the motivations for doing so may differ from company to company, outsourced sales can serve as an excellent means for quickly scaling into markets or building a sales team from scratch.

Signs You Need Outsourced Sales Services:

  • Your company has no expertise or culture in sales
  • You need speed to market.
  • You have access to a shallow sales talent pool
  • You need predictable sales pipelines

LeadJen has worked with companies ranging from exciting startups to the Fortune 500. We attribute our success to the people who make up our organization – we’re team players who celebrate our wins and learn from each other.

It Takes a Fractional Village to Raise a Sales Team

Do you have the right people, process, strategy, and strategy to manage a sales team?

Executing an effective sales strategy takes a “fractional village”. Think of it this way: when you are building out a sales team, you aren’t just paying for the salesperson, but every role within a company that allows a sales team to operate at peak performance.

Fractional Village

As this graph illustrates, building out a sales team not only requires experience, but can get very expensive. Many organizations simply do not have the resources to build out their own sales team, and utilizing the resources to build out this function can dramatically set a company when their time is better spent on their product or service.

Our current economy is suffering a crisis of talent. Recruiting a complete sales team is more difficult than ever, and businesses across industries and sizes are struggling to fill roles. This is the core of what we offer.

LeadJen’s Outsourced Sales Services:


Closing deals requires experienced sales professionals who understand your industry. We select talent suited for your specific industry from our extensive roster of professionals.

A man working at a computer


Our continuous sales training is designed to adapt to the needs of sales professionals at all levels. We will learn what motivates sales prospects and inform you of our findings.


LeadJen is a team-oriented sales culture. All of our accounts have a minimum of two sales staff and one dedicated manager overseeing and optimizing your sales process.


We provide frequent updates on the status of our accounts, helping you understand what is driving your target audience and how we’ve closed deals. You’ll be hearing from us!