Outsourced SDR

What Is An SDR?

An SDR is a sales development representative whose sole focus is outbound prospecting. However, developing sales leads in-house isn’t always the easiest or most innovative avenue. That’s where LeadJen can help.

What Can We Do For You?


Hiring takes time that you don’t have. We will procure employees with sales backgrounds that meet the specific needs of your product or service.



From learning the background of your product to developing the pitch, we can start finding leads for your company in as little as two weeks.


Start seeing leads without the hard work. Our SDR outsourcing services are actively managed by our own team to ensure the highest quality of leads.


Our collaborative model is designed with you in mind. Check how effectively we are developing your leads with real-time updates and see us in action.



Your sales cycle is long & requires a lot of follow-up


Your pipeline is littered with unqualified leads


Your salespeople aren't regularly following up with leads


Your top salespeople aren't doing enough prospecting


You are getting an increase in inbound leads

outsourced sales

We’ll take the heavy-lifting of sales prospecting and cold-calling off your shoulders.

Your business can’t sell without highly qualified sales opportunities.. That’s where we come in to help.

LeadJen sales development representatives, or SDRs, are hunters who aim at your target demographic.

Our team will create a consistent pipeline for you, increase your brand awareness and score a high hit rate against your target profile.

Success makes us different and our SDR sales record proves that alone. Don’t believe us?

Transform your sales strategy into a

revenue-generating machine.

Hit Your Target Demographic

Outsourced SDR teams allow you to focus your efforts on contacting companies with your ideal client profile.


We set you more up with more deals you can close at ease with the agility to scale services and SDR headcount as you grow.

Measurable Success

We’ll calculate the potential sales growth you’ll get out of us once our SDR has been trained on your product or services.

Dashboard Reporting

 We utilize Salesforce CRM to standardize our activity, so our reporting can be accurate and reveal actionable insight, whenever you need it.

LeadJen didn’t ask us to blindly commit to a program. The benchmark allowed us to go into the program with expectations based on objective measurements.

Jenifer Lambert

Are you ready to take your business further?

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