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Generate sales qualified leads with LeadJen’s proven appointment setting services.

Want a sales pipeline with more sales qualified leads?

Outsourced SDR Services

Let’s face it: most leads suck.  Your best salespeople are toiling away calling people who have no interest in your products or services. Our experts revel in finding the diamond in the rough.  We’ll qualify and select leads that match your company’s ideal client profile, meaning less wasted time and more time meeting the bottom line.

Emails Sent

Dials Made

Appointments Set

What Makes Us Special

We’re not your average outsourced sales and lead generation service.  

Get a sales generating machine

Rome wasn’t built in a day, but we’re pretty damn quick. We can get up and running within two weeks.

Pay For What You Get

Don’t get nickeled and dimed. We charge on a month-by-month basis.


Fractional Option

We aim to meet where you need us. Hire our SDRs full or part-time.  We can adjust to your requirements.

Size Doesn't Matter

Scale up, scale down. Our teams can grow and shrink at your speed.

Client Comments

LeadJen is a service that works! We use LeadJen for almost all cold calling.  This frees up our sales executives to focus on securing customers and not on simply generating leads.

Peter Dolphin


LeadJen didn’t ask us to blindly commit to a program. The benchmark allowed us to go into the program with expectations based on objective measurements.

Jenifer Lambert

Terra Staffing

You’re In Good Hands With Our Proven Process

Are lead generation services the right fit for my company?  People come to us with all sorts of troubles in their sales process.  You may have noticed issues in your funnel or pipeline and are strategizing how to fix this.  Some companies choose to hire internally.  Others seek outsourced solutions, like us.

Recognizing that you have a problem is the first step to planning a solution.  With countless lead generation companies out there, what option will best serve your needs?

LeadJen is different.  We take a consultative approach while representing your products and services.  While we have a set process that guides our practice, we recognize that each company has unique needs that must be met to achieve success.  We have the tools, the resources and a plan to drive your sales process forward.

Are you ready to grow your business? 

Trusted by many leading brands.

Generate up to 10x the quality sales leads to fuel your pipeline!


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