d48ed900e79fa9547169c26138b4cd8dHow many times has an email hit your inbox and you just click the delete button without even opening it? Unfortunately, business decision makers are doing that exact same thing to sales emails. Here are 5 tips on getting your email open rates up.

   Written by Morgan Busam, Lead Development Associate

In order to set your email apart from the other sales emails in the prospect’s inbox, you must think outside the box and get straight to the point starting with the subject line. Here are 5 secrets to ensure your email doesn’t end up in the trash:

  1. Get Personal: Email should be treated as a live conversation, so be sure to address your lead as you would in person. Don’t be afraid to use the prospect’s first name in the greeting. It helps make that email less formal and feel more like a conversation.
  2. Subject Lines Matter: Today’s world is full of sales email. The first thing a prospect reads is most likely the subject line.  If the subject line does not appeal to them right away, they will hit delete before taking the time to open it. That’s why email subject lines need to be direct and right to the point; no more than 7 words. Try using a call to action, such as “Are you the right person?” “Voicemail Follow Up” “15 mins next Tuesday?” the next time you draft your subject line. You may be surprised how many people actually end up returning your email.
  3. Content:  Good email content is short, simple and nothing more. When drafting your email start by thinking about what you would say to the lead if you had them on the phone. Maybe it would be your 30-second sales pitch or maybe it would be a brief introduction of how you meet. Whatever it may be, this is what you should use for the body of your email. It should take you less than one minute to read and provide only information necessary to initiate an introductory conversation. No one wants to read a long, drawn out email from someone they’ve never meet. So remember to make it concise and open the door for dialogue.
  4. Closing statement: As you wrap your email up, ask to set a date for a brief introductory phone call. Be direct with your prospect when asking for a phone conversation. Don’t be afraid to suggest your own time and date for the meeting. It could be as simple as, “Ultimately I’d like to set up a brief 20 minute introductory phone conversation next week. Does Thursday, September 8th work for you?” Short, sweet and to point.
  5. Follow with a call: Every email should be followed with a call. It does not matter how awesome your email sales pitch is, you have to follow up via phone or all your efforts are wasted. The double reminder not only helps the lead know you are serious about scheduling some to speak, but they will likely return your email and phone call more quickly than if you had just contacted them through one communication channel.

The next time you go to type up a prospecting email, remember to put yourself in their shoes and create a compelling email that you would want to open.