When making prospecting calls, it seems like many sales executives get caught in the trap of “you-based” messaging. “YOU will see these results. YOU have these problems. You will absolutely benefit from this solution.”

Let me ask. How would YOU feel if receiving that call? I’m guessing like most prospects and like me, it would make one wonder…”how is it that YOU think YOU know me that well?

It’s perfectly okay to be aggressive and confident in the value of one’s solution. However, telling someone what they will experience will not often win a positive response from the prospect. So, change the mindset a little bit and instead, think about how to get the same point across without using the word “YOU”.

I’ve seen that prospecting success rates increase dramatically when the approach is tweaked to reflect the experience of other ‘like’ companies or prospects. When placing a phone call, the prospect cannot argue with the experience of another. Avoiding the “you-based” messaging allows the sales person to share successes and benefits in the context of another party, which helps build credibility and might even help the prospect admit to challenges they are facing…because they know others face the same challenges. Now YOU can have a dialogue with the prospect…