I’ve been asked by a few different companies if a auto-dialer is effective in B2B lead generation.  We have not aggressively pursued an automated dialer for B2B appointment setting campaigns for several reasons:

1.)    Many B2B lists of sales leads do not contain a high percentage direct phone numbers, so the ‘connect’ advantage only comes with connecting to a company operator, administrator or automated attendant.

2.)    The challenge in B2B prospecting is connecting with the sales prospect for a live conversation, not connecting with more operators.  We want to avoid gatekeepers, not reach more of them.

3.)    The biggest impact on team productivity comes from improving technology systems used for CRM to make it fast and easy to disposition the call outcome vs. trying to improve the time it takes to dial a phone number.  Plus, basic call technologies make is simple to enable click-to-call.

If a company has access a large B2B list that has over 75% direct phone numbers, then by all means, explore the dialer!  Oh, and by the way, can we buy that list?