It’s not often that I seek out an opportunity to talk about the New England Patriots, probably because I’m an avid Colts fan. When talking with prospects in the Boston area, its best to curb my Colts enthusiasm and congratulate their community on a successful season.

I focus a lot of these videos on process because process is critical to success. Sometimes small changes in approach can also improve the rate of positive outcomes from our SDR outreach. This week’s Tips focuses on some “small” things that go a LONG way in improving prospecting success.

  1. Smile — While it’s hard to keep a positive and upbeat demeanor after a tough prospect conversation or after leaving a lot of back-to-back voicemails, a smile can be heard through the phone. The next prospect you speak with doesn’t know what kind of day you’ve had so it’s important to always sound upbeat. Demeanor is contagious even through the phone, so allow someone to catch yours!
  2. Build rapport— Be aware of the local dynamics in the geography you are calling. Severe weather systems, sports victories or rivalries, news from a local university, and successful business exits all can be valuable and positive things to mention. This personalizes the phone call and lightens the mood. Be careful to steer clear of more sensitive subjects, such as politics.
  3. Don’t take yourself too seriously — If you make a mistake, share it. This humanizes you. Nerves show through when someone can’t candidly acknowledge a flaw, so laugh a little and enjoy the opportunity to talk with people around the country!
  4. Take advantage of Fridays — Many SDR executives hate to make calls on Friday afternoons.Typically, the connect rate is a bit lower. However, when reaching prospects live, the upcoming weekend generally puts them in better moods and they are more open to having a dialogue.
  5. Make one more call each day — Every once in a while it’s tempting to throw in the towel after a tough day of calls. Once that feeling surfaces, challenge yourself to make one more call. You might be surprised when it turns the tide of the entire day to a positive ending!

Happy calling. Smart Prospecting!