Prospecting is tough! Everyone who has done prospecting knows that to be true.

In prospecting, sales people are always on the lookout for the next new idea or coaching that will add success. I always used to roll my eyes when I would read tips and techniques that encouraged smiling–that is until I tried it. Wow, what a difference it made. It wasn’t necessarily the smile that had an impact, it was that by smiling, I changed my level of enthusiasm in my calls. Many people (including our toughest prospects) adjust their attitude and demeanor to that of those around them. It works over the phone as well as in person. Doesn’t mean that the prospect will always say “yes”, but enthusiasm is contagious. It’s easy to have enthusiasm when starting calls for the first time. It’s not so easy to have that same level of enthusiasm after 40 voicemails.

Make a note to remind yourself to act upbeat and excited. Set a calendar reminder midday. Do something that helps you remember to keep the excitement in your voice. It will make a difference!