Jesubi has become a critical partner for LeadJen as well as a best practice solution for each and every LeadJen client project. The Jesubi reporting solution allows us to give real-time insight to our clients and it is more than just the standard telemarketing reports customers might be used to receiving from other vendors (i.e. # of calls, # of connects, and time on the phone.) Jesubi allows us to provide activity-level data AND allows us to dive deeper into every call result.

Our client conversations revolve around actionable information like:

  • How often to we speak with prospects live?
  • When we speak with prospects live, what percentage of the time do we set an appointment vs. receiving “no interest”?
  • Can we better understand the “no interest” responses so we can tweak our message to proactively handle an objection, adjust our target market, and/or better train the team on a specific topic?
  • Do our results differ by industry focus, title focus, geography, revenue range, employee size, etc?
  • How many calls does it really take to set the majority of our successful appointments? If it takes less than we originally assumed, can we tweak the program in a way that allows our clients to further maximize the budget?

With Jesubi, we can truly achieve our original company mission (to be more than just a telemarketer…to be a strategic partner that sets quality appointments AND delivers information that allows our clients to make actionable decisions about the marketplace.)