Be the Rainbow Fish!

Do you remember that childhood book, The Rainbow Fish by Marcus Pfister in 1992? It emphasized the importance of accepting differences among us. At that point, we were talking about accepting the fact that we are all different; now we are coming into an age where we are looking for ways to actually BE DIFFERENT! This is an important paradigm shift that is affecting the digital world immensely.  Business people are bombarded with digital pitches, ads and selling on a daily basis, that it is easy for it all to run together.

The world of B2B sales has transformed over the last decade, even more so over the last 5 years.  With the emergence of social media and hundreds of sales tools, people can access anything they want with the click of a button. Since everyone is bombarded by so many messages at once across digital channels, and face to face; it can be hard to make your message stand out. Here are 4 ways LeadJen has found to get a pitch to your prospect without blending in with others.

  1. Attention Getting Subject Line or Title- Think about 1 point you made in the body of your message and put that in the subject. Turn it into a question or statement.
  2. Be straightforward and simple- When consulting with clients, we see first hand how hard it can be to take their complex (and very valuable!) offerings, and boil it down to something a stranger can grasp and think “I need this!”. Remove technicalities and talk to them like you would an old, professional friend
  3. Have patience- Don’t start off with the sale, and instead give them information they don’t don’t already know or can’t find on the website. Using industry trends or stats in an intro email would be helpful.  If you do your research, you may provide insight into what a problem they are currently facing may be. Build the relationship through 2 or 3 emails before the actual sale comes into play.
  4. Have a good elevator speech, and practice it- For those impromptu times when you meet a prospect at a tradeshow or downtown at the theater, have a 20 second pitch ready. Make sure it’s short, sweet and delivers 2 key things you want that person to walk away knowing. I will always start with the following:
    1. What does my organization do?
    2. What problems does it solve?
    3. Why should my prospects care?
    4. How would you like me to contact you?

Don’t forget that call to action!

-Mary Browning

COO at LeadJen