It’s the beginning of the new year and many companies on a calendar fiscal year use a similar objection during sales calls: “We don’t have budget in 2015.”

Every sales person knows that in most cases this isn’t true. The challenge for the SDR is to get the prospect to consider the possibility of a value-added solution.

While some budgets are fixed for the year, it’s common for priorities to change and budgets often are shifted to make room for new and compelling solutions. In other words, there is “wiggle room” in budgets and good sales people know it.

This week’s 52 Weeks of Prospecting will cover techniques to help push past blanket objections with prospects. The three topics include:

1.) Why do some prospects choose to proceed with a sales appointment even though their budgets are set for the year?

2.) What should the follow-up timelines be if I’m being pushed off due to budget objections?

3.) How can we handle the budget objection more proactively?

Happy calling. Smart prospecting!