If you are calling a potential client after the first voicemail, do you know what to say if you reach their voicemail again to ensure a call back? Do you have a game plan, or do you revert back to your previous message and hope for the best? Do you feel a tad pushy and still never hear back from them? We have too. Here is our assessment of the challenge, as well as what we’ve found to be proper and effective techniques and steps that allow for a smooth process, as well as a better chance you’ll get a callback.

The Follow-up Problem

If our potential customer called us back every time after the first voicemail, we wouldn’t have to worry about a second one. We all know that this rarely happens, no matter how well executed our voicemails are, so it’s best to have a plan for follow up calls. It’s common for SDR’s and sales reps to only attempt between one and two calls before moving on to another prospect. One of the primary reasons for this is that most people give up or move on very easily. They were never taught or fail to use a step-by-step follow up process.

How to get people to call you back

If you are finding yourself struggling for callbacks, stop what you are doing and listen to these few short tips. Overall, we’ve found that consistent results can’t be achieved if you are lacking a plan that outlines what to say.

  • Instead of creating a complicated script, you need to create one that is short and to the point.
    • It needs to highlight the previous voicemail and offer something new and enticing for the potential customer.
  • Be straightforward with the reason you are calling, and get to it fast. You have about 6 seconds to gain their attention.
  • Reference other people like them who have found value in your solution, as opposed to YOU have these problems which tends to put the defense walls up.

Studies show that sales teams with connect rates of up to 90% make six to nine attempts per lead. Calling more than once and being prepared with what you’re going to say is necessary if you want greater response rates when leaving a second voicemail.

Every business experiences this

Here at LeadJen, even our sales reps find themselves leaving second, third, fourth and fifth voicemail. It’s not uncommon, but to achieve successful results you need more than just a basic plan of action. We teach our sales rep’s proven follow up methods, which have demonstrated to be successful. Recently we have experienced a few instances that involved a second voicemail and our rep’s were able to schedule and execute appointments with potential clients because they followed this simple guide. We were able to close four major deals and have brought on six new clients within the month of June.