Ok, let’s face it…. Being an SDR (Sales Development Representative) is hard work!  If you have ever cold called in your life, you quickly realize that it takes a special person to do and be good at this job.  That said, it is our responsibility as managers and sales leaders to make our SDR jobs easier and more enjoyable.  SDR’s and the role the file (opportunity generation) in an organization is crucial to the success of a sales organization. 

Here are some ideas or ways to incentivize and motivate your SDR team in efforts to keep your sales pipeline humming:

Start with the Why?

It is my belief that you communicate the “why?” to your SDR team.  Why are they critical to your organization’s sales success?  Once they realize how important their role is to the organization, that will help them get in the right mind frame to achieve success. 

Have Clear, Concise and Achievable Goals for your SDRs

Everyone has heard of S.M.A.R.T goals, but so many sales professional don’t have them.  Help them with setting their goals for # of appointments they need to set on a weekly, monthly, quarterly basis.  As opposed to dictating “here are your goals”, try making it a collaborative process.

Reverse Engineering How They Get There

The “A” in S.M.A.R.T stands for Attainable.  Often goals and or sales quotas can seem impossible to achieve to an SDR which is demotivating.  That is why it is important to help them reverse engineer their sales goals to help them realize how achievable they actually are.  This process also helps build the road map on exactly how to get there. 

Give Your SDR The Right Tools to be Successful

Often SDR teams are told to set “X” number of appointments, but not given the proper tools to be successful.  Many times, SDR’s are left to research people to call, have no structured cadence or plan, no continual coaching and training.  It is critical to have a great data source, have tight sales acceleration tools and have attentive management providing constant feedback and coaching.

Make Their Job Fun and Competitive

Having additional incentives like competitions, spiffs, trophies, championship belts and President’s Club Trips (Highlights from Acquirent’s 2018 Trip) often gives added incentive to your SDRs to set that extra appointment.  In addition, you can implement gamification or motivation and engagement platforms that continue to provide positive reinforcement when your team is experience success.

The success of any sales organization relies on the health of its pipeline.  That is why it is crucial to have a stellar SDR team who is properly motivated and incentivized to produce killer results.