Japan’s leading manufacturer, developer and distributor of medical electronic equipment recently reached out to LeadJen asking for our help connecting them to several hospitals in the states. One of the company’s most recent aims is to install defense monitoring systems in hospital rooms that allow for patient deterioration identification by actionable alarms, mobilizing appropriate clinical response.

This company makes significant contributions to the advance of medical technology. Their researchers have published valuable research in some of the world’s most prestigious medical, engineering and scientific journals. They have also played a large role in advancing modern medical treatment with many innovative products and technologies.

Based on this company’s long list of contributions to the healthcare industry, LeadJen is honored to have been able to advance their efforts in reaching out to hospitals around the country.  In our most recent efforts, a member of our Lead Development team was able to set an appointment with a distinguished hospital for this company. They were so pleased with our efforts that a member of their sales team wrote a personal message praising our team’s hard work.

Call this morning went well.  Goal is for the hospital to get me a presentation appointment with nursing leadership.  We discussed follow-up with one another for early next week to see what dates are available.  Thanks so much and will let you know progress that is made!

-Sales Executive

LeadJen is proud to lend a hand in improving the quality of life through advanced medical technology. We recognize that every call does truly matter and that bridging the gap between the medical industry and the technology is the key to helping improve patient outcomes.