A founder and early marketing leader for many technology start-ups, Peter Fuller, VP Business Development & Alliances for Scale Computing, knew that in order to raise the capital needed for a successful market launch for his new company, he’d first have to build a sales pipeline. Investing in lead generation, Fuller built his sales pipeline to $2 million in just a year. In the process, he gained valuable market intelligence that positioned the company for a total of three rounds of funding valued at over $30 million.

At LeadJen’s Demand Gen Summit this Sept. 6th & 7th in Indy, Peter will be opening the conference with how he used lead generation and market intelligence to build such a vast sales pipeline and gain a 4:1 ROI. 

As an executive team member with publicly traded and start-up companies, Peter has helped CEOs and management define and implement strategic visions and go-to-market plans that quickly get companies from no sales to millions of dollars. During his 19 years as an entrepreneur, he has started two industry associations, co-founded three companies, helped raise more than $40 million in venture-funded operating capital and negotiated more than $100 million in project funding.

To read more about Scale Computing visit www.scale.com

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